What is the Clean Diesel Experience?

Drivers of clean diesel-run automobiles enjoy a powerful acceleration because clean diesel provides 50 percent better torque. No matter what kind of lifestyle clean diesel drivers have, from city streets to country roads, the significant jump in torque provides a smooth and fun driving experience.


The advantage in clean diesel’s fuel economy adds to the experience, as drivers will notice a 30 percent improvement in fuel economy.


Clean diesel is widely available for all vehicle types, not limited to sport utility vehicles or pick up trucks. Today, clean diesel powers various sedans, coupes and luxury cars, all made more enjoyable because of the benefits clean diesel offers.


The efficient combustion that occurs within a clean diesel engine makes it more durable than a comparable gasoline engine. Clean diesel engines also run longer, and have become a highly valued resale option.


U.S. Coalition for Advanced Diesel Cars Honors Senator Lisa Murkowski as the Inaugural Champion for Technology Neutrality - 24 Jan 2012
Washington, DC (January 26, 2012) –the U.S. Coalition for Advanced Diesel Cars will honor Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R‐Alaska) as the first annual Champion for Technology Neutrality on Thursday, January 26. The award recognizes leaders who support outcome‐based federal automotive policy that fosters innovation and achieves real‐world results. Following the announcement of the recently released Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards, Sen. Murkowski advocated allowing all advanced vehicle technologies to compete impartially to ensure a robust set of options to drive innovation.

Coalition Hosts Alternative Vehicle Technology Panel on the Hill - January 25 - 18 Jan 2011
Along with a new Congress comes changing priorities. Come listen to top experts in the alternative vehicle technology sector discuss their thoughts on what the 112th Congress will mean to the automotive industry, the potential for the growth of cleaner, more efficient vehicles, and increasing energy independence in the U.S. At the conclusion of the discussion, audience members will have an opportunity to ask the panelists questions and gain greater insight into vehicle technologies and policy options.
Biodiesel Magazine - Clean Diesel Developments - 12 Jan 2011
While electric and hybrid vehicles garner most of the fanfare as the next-generation of ecofriendly transportation, clean diesels are making noise of their own—in a big way. “The take rate for the hybrid models are actually lower than that of the diesels right now,” Breneman says.
Coalition presents Urban Green Car of the Year Award to VW - 09 Jan 2011
On January 9, the Coalition’s executive director, Jeff Breneman, presented Volkswagen with the Urban Green Car of the Year Award at the Urban Wheel Awards hosted by Decisive Media.
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